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Don't take time out of your busy day to search the phone book for notaries. We can save you time and frustration with our online directory of notary signing agents. You can search our text database or use our customized Google maps to pinpoint notaries closest to your home or office. We cater to make it easier for real estate agents, loan professionals and real estate attorneys to find notary signing agents within a reasonable distance. Notaries are often called a notary republic, because people may confuse the correct terminology. Notaries are state licensed and regulated to perform specific duties. If you do a search for a notary republic, you will still be taken to the correct links on the Internet.

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Our site is designed for both real estate professionals and notaries across the United States. If you are interested in becoming a notary public, you can explore some of the links we have provided. You can look up the requirements for each state and find out what you will need to do in your specific state. We also provide links to helpful educational resources like seminars, office supplies and software resources out there.

We provide listings of notaries in just about all the states, from California to New York. If you are in need of a notary, you can find one quickly. Notaries interested in being listed in our database and advertising services with us can visit our Membership Pages to determine which level of membership is best for their needs. Our Free Membership will allow you to be included in our listings, while our Preferred Membership will promote your services and place you at the top of directory listings. For only $29.99 per year your services will be highlighted in our directory. It is easy to register for membership online. We invite you to email us with any comments, suggestions or feedback you may have to improve our site. We welcome your suggestions.