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    You have reached our searchable map page. On this page in the search bar above you can find a notary public in the following ways;

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    Welcome. You have reached our New York Notary Public directory. When looking for a New York Notary Public in our directory, there are a few things to know to make full use of it. Each Notary Public has a place in our map and a listing on our text directory. Our text directory is listed in alphabetical order.

    When using the map, you can type the address of the signing location in the search bar. Also, you can drag the map around and zoom in and out.

    New York Secretary of State Information;

    Christopher L. Jacobs
    Secretary of State

    Eamon Moynihan
    Deputy Secretary of State for Public Affairs
    Phone: (212) 417-5800
    Fax: (212) 417-5805

    Department of State
    123 William Street
    New York, NY 10038-3804

    New York notary public


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